What Should Be Taken into Account When Registering New Customers?

We strongly encourage you to pay attention of the Customers you have attracted to the fact that the “Partner’s ID” field must contain exactly your ID assigned by the system during the registration of “My Account” on the UBK Markets official website. Please follow the specified rule in order to avoid your Customers’ registration under another Partner’s ID.

If another ID has already been assigned to your Customer, it is impossible to change or reset the ID parameter.

The Company has restricted access to your Partner’s ID change in order to maintain stable functioning of the system and its components. Please be careful when completing the registration procedure and paying for services because any requests for changing this parameter will be rejected.

Before you start registering a Customer you have attracted on the UBK Markers official website, you should clear the browser cache and delete cookies on the personal computer using which the registration procedure will be completed. This procedure is required due to the fact that your potential Customer could use tools placed by other iBroker Partners.

Cookies are created when you follow a referral link and contain information on the Partner’s ID, which allows automatically assigning a Customer to this Partner even after a certain period of time.

You can get information on how to clear the browser cache and delete cookies by following the hyperlinks:

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