What Is the Practice Test of the iPA-Manager?

Practice Test of the iPA-Manager is a set of special rules and conditions developed by the Company, which the Customer should follow to receive the status of an iPA-Manager. The Practice Test is intended to assess and improve the level of the Customer’s professional skills and is aimed at improving the efficiency of his/her trading activities. Thus, the Practice Test allows Customers to strengthen their abilities and achieve good results while trading in the financial market; and the Company to ascertain the opportunities of mutually beneficial cooperation.

The Practice Test Conditions

To complete the Practice Test, you should open one or more Classic Live accounts and start conducting trading activities on the currency pairs you would like to use for further trading in the status of an iPA-Manager.

The Company automatically initiates the process of the Practice Test completion after you make the first trade in the Live account.

To successfully complete the Practice Test, you should meet the following conditions:

  • execute at least 75 trades on one financial instrument, at least 55 of those trades or more should be with a positive profit from 100 to 150 pips for each trade;
  • total amount of executed trades on one financial instrument should be at least 5 lots;
  • total amount of price change based on the trades executed in the Live account should be at least 8,000 pips on each trading instrument in each direction, regardless of their profit or loss ratio.
When completing the Practice Test, all trading operations in all Classic Live accounts for each currency are taken in account. The results of trading operations executed by the Customer using ATS are not taken into account.

The overall level of the Practice Test completion is calculated as the arithmetic average value of the specified parameters.

Rules on How to Calculate Trading Performance When Determining the Progress Level of the Practice Test

  • Only closed transactions on the trading instruments are taken into account.
  • At the moment each transaction is closed, availability of trading operations with a different opening direction is checked.
  • In case, in the considered time period there are trading operations with a different opening direction on one financial instrument, to calculate trading performance the following shall be taken into account:
  • the amount of executed closed trades (in lots) on a traded currency pair to calculate the volume of traded lots;
  • total profit (in pips) received in all Live accounts, which were used while trading a currency pair to calculate the number of pips;
  • number of closed trades on the currency pair in all Live accounts to calculate trading operations;
  • one transaction to calculate the trade quality, if, passing through the value 0, the actual value of the transaction profit constitutes from 100 to 150 pips.

How to View Information on the Current Level of the Practice Test Completion

Information on the Practice Test results is available in “My Account” on the Company official website. To view your current level of progress, go to the “My Accounts” page in the “Trading” section.

The table “Activation of Trading Instrument for iPA-Manager Account” will display statistical information on each of the financial instruments. Based on the values of trade indicators, you can follow your progress of the Practice Test completion.

The data in the table will be displayed after you make the first trade in the Live account.
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