What Does the iPA-Manager Account Mean?

Taking a classical model of capital management as a basis, we have added a number of innovations that allowed creating the iPA system, which uses the opportunities of the financial market to the fullest extent.

An iPA-Manager account means a trading account, which is a component of the iPA system, intended for executing trading operations and transmitting an iPA-Manager’s trading signals to the iPA-Investors’ accounts.

This type of account is non-nominal, it means that it does not have marginal requirements, and you do not have to allocate your funds in order to execute trading operations in this account.

Thus, the use of an iPA-Manager account does not result in any risks associated with your own funds, which is one of the advantages of capital management using the iPA technology.

You can open an iPA-Manager account in “My Account” section after completing the registration procedure on the UBK Markets official website.

As soon as you open an iPA-Manager account, the system automatically generates two types of accounts:

  • Original account is intended for generating trading signals and transmitting them to the iPA-Investor account in their original form;
  • Processed account is intended for transmitting trading signals, which are pre-processed by special iPA technology algorithms, to the iPA-Investor account.

Thus, an iPA-Manager executes trading operations in the Original account from which created trading signals are automatically sent to the Processed account, where they are processed by intelligent algorithms of the iPA technology.

iPro Marketplace trading and analytical platform provides access to trading in the iPA-Manager account..

Information on Trading Results in the iPA-Manager Account

In “My Account” section on the “My Accounts” page in the “Trading” section, you can view information on your iPA-Manager accounts on all activated financial instruments as well as:
  • get information on your iPA-Manager accounts (Original and Processed);
  • view information on inactive accounts in the table “My iPA-Manager Accounts”;
  • generate an account statement on trading operations with a financial instrument in the account for a certain period.

On this page, you can also set parameters for publishing your trading performance on a financial instrument of the account in the Long-List of iPA-Managers.

Open access to the trading results on various financial instruments in the Long List of iPA-Managers in the Original and Processed accounts ensures effective interaction among participants of the system and allows:

  • an iPA-Manager to demonstrate successful trading activity by increasing the iPA-Investors’ interest in copying trading signals of his/her trading strategy;
  • an iPA-Investor to select and copy trading signals of those iPA-Managers whose trading strategy corresponds to his/her financial interests.

Remuneration for an iPA-Manager

iPA-Managers receive remuneration for their activity, which is calculated based on trading conditions for the iPA-Manager account and directly depends on the results of transmitting their trading signals to the iPA-Investors’ accounts. Thus, the more profitable an iPA-Manager’s trading is and the more trading signals are copied to the iPA-Investors’ accounts, the higher his/her total remuneration is.

Remuneration for an iPA-Manager is credited weekly to his/her Master account in “My Account” section.

Open an iPA-Manager account, use the potential of innovative technologies and your skills in trading on the global financial market, and your income will be able to reach several thousand US dollars.

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