What does the iPA-Investor account mean?

The iPA-Investor account is a trading account, which is designed to provide automatic execution of trading orders using funds allocated by a Customer on the basis of trading signals given by iPA-Managers.

Creating the iPA-Investor account, a Customer selects a strategy of an iPA-Manager, i.e., determines a financial instrument and type of trading orders in the iPA-Manager account, trading signals on which will be automatically copied to his/her iPA-Investor account:

  • If the iPA-Investor has selected a financial instrument in the Original account, trading orders of an iPA-Manager are sent to the iPA-Investor account in the original form.
  • If the iPA-Investor has selected a financial instrument in the Processed account, an iPA-Manager’s trading orders are executed involving the iPA-Investor’s capital once they have been processed by the iPA technology algorithms.

The key features of the iPA-Investor account:

  • Trades execution in the iPA-Investor account is based only on automatic copying of trading signals created by an iPA-Manager.
  • Copying of iPA-Manager’s trading signals can be suspended or resumed at the iPA-Investor’s discretion, and trading signals can be inverted.
  • The leverage for the iPA-Investor account is not established but calculated automatically in a real-time mode according to trading conditions.
  • The iPA-Investor account is managed only through “My Account” section.
  • A part of profit received in the iPA-Investor account as a result of copying iPA-Manager’s trading orders is charged to pay remuneration in the amount determined by trading conditions.
  • The volume of funds intended for carrying out each following trading order in the iPA-Investor account based on an iPA-Manager’s trading signals is calculated considering the current balance of the iPA-Investor account, but not the amount of funds allocated.
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