What Does the iPA-Investor Account Mean?

An iPA-Investor account is one of the components of the iPA system, whose operating principle consists in minimizing risks and improving profitability while executing trading operations on the financial market.

This account is intended for automated execution of trading operations using funds allocated in the iPA-Investor account based on the iPA-Manager’s trading signals. An iPA-Investor does not perform trading operations using financial instruments in his/her account, his/her income is generated as a result of executing trading orders created by means of copying trading signals to the iPA-Investor account. iPA-Managers are providers of trading signals, whose trading activity is to execute trading operations using the iPA technology.

An iPA-Investor’s income constitutes 70% of the profit recorded in the iPA-Investor account. Part of profit received during the execution of trading orders is charged to pay remuneration to the iPA-Manager in the amount determined by trading conditions.

Profit distribution is made upon completion of a trading session or at the moment of funds withdrawal from the iPA‑Investor account.

You can open an iPA-Investor account and subscribe to copying of the provider’s trading signals in “My Account” section after completing the registration procedure on the UBK Markets official website.

In addition, in the Long-List of iPA-Managers, you should select one or several iPA-Managers as a source of trading signals and allocate funds under management to your iPA-Investor account.

When selecting a trading strategy, you should first determine a financial instrument and type of trading orders (Processed and Original), which you are interested in:

  • if you have selected a financial instrument in the Original account, then an iPA-Manager’s original trading orders will be sent to the iPA-Investor account in their original form;
  • if you have selected a financial instrument in the Processed account, then trading orders using an iPA‑Investor’s capital will be executed only after they are processed by the iPA technology algorithms.

The number of your iPA-Investor accounts corresponds to the number of iPA-Managers’ trading strategies to whose copying of trading signals you have subscribed.

How to Manage an iPA-Investor Account

You can view information on the status of an iPA-Investor account and manage this account on the “My iPA-Managers” page in “My Account” section.


On this page, you can control the transmission of trading orders using allocated capital and determine which of the iPA-Manager’s trading signals will be copied to your iPA‑Investor account.

In order to manage your iPA-Investor account, you can use special tools, which enable you to:

  • analyze the efficiency of the iPA-Manager’s trading strategy according to the data of statistical and analytical indices;
  • generate an account statement on the iPA-Manager’s trading operations using a financial instrument in the account for a certain period;
  • stop and resume copying of trading signals of the selected iPA-Manager;
  • select type of copied signals (Sell and Buy);
  • add and withdraw funds from the iPA-Investor account;
  • exclude the iPA-Investor from the Portfolio, i.e. close a corresponding account.

Open an iPA-Investor account and appreciate the advantages of the innovative technologies in multiplying your own capital on the global financial market.

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