What Is Commission in a Trading Account?

Brokerage companies receive income from providing services for conducting activity in the financial market to private and corporate customers.

Commission means a trader’s fee for conducting financial operations in the trading account. It is charged for each executed transaction, and its amount depends on the traded volume.

You can open not only a Demo account or a Live account, but also an iPA-Investor account and an iPA-Manager account on the UBK Markets official website. The latter is a non-nominal one, i.e. it does not have marginal requirements.

Taking into account that an iPA-Investor has an opportunity to subscribe to copying the iPA-Manager’s trading signals, nominal commission is charged for the iPA-Manager account. It is calculated in pips and corresponds to the money equivalent of the commission charged for the iPA-Investor account. This parameter allows excluding the possibility of receiving a negative income in the iPA-Investor account in cases, when the amount of profit received from executing a trading operation in the iPA-Manager account is less than the commission charged in the iPA‑Investor account.

While executing a financial operation in iPro Marketplace trading and analytical platform, you can view the amount of commission charged for the executed trading operation in the “Trade” component next to other order characteristics.


You can also view commissions in the “Order History” component.

Order History

You can get more information on commissions charged in the trading accounts on the “Trading Conditions” page on the UBK Markets official website.

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