What are the criteria to assess iPA-Manager’s trading activity that determine a position of iPA-Managers in the Long List?

The iPA system has been developed based on high standards of the stability and profitability of its implementation in the financial markets. Taking into account that these features of the iPA system significantly depend on trading signals created by iPA-Managers, we have formed a large and comprehensive set of criteria to evaluate the overall trading activity of each trader.

According to this evaluation, using the Long List tools for sorting and filtering iPA-Managers’ trading strategies, you can determine the order in which the published trading results of iPA-Managers will be displayed in the Long List. Thus, each iPA-Investor, on the basis of his/her own criteria of efficiency, has the opportunity to find and select the best trading strategies of iPA-Managers in order to create a profitable Portfolio.

You can find detailed information on how to use filters and change the sorting of the Long List of iPA-Managers for correct decision making in the following articles:

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