What Are Cookies?

UBK Markets uses cookies to simplify the use of the website and increase the comfort of its Customers’ work with the implemented functionality.

A cookie is a small piece of a text sent to a browser from the website you have visited. Cookies are designed to store general information on a User’s preferences and help you to adjust certain website settings for your usual mode of working.

For example, you have selected Russian for page viewing during the first working session on the website. The next time you visit the same website, its interface will be displayed in Russian by default.

Thus, due to cookies, viewing and using the website becomes more convenient.

Cookies are used for many purposes:

  • Cookies allow you to save custom page settings. For example, if a page contains tables, the size of which complicates their viewing and perception, a User can specify the number of entries per page, and the next time he/she visits this website, this setting will be saved.
  • Cookies allow recording the number of times a certain page was visited in order to determine the most relevant information for a User.
  • Cookies “remember” the page, on which the session was terminated, and the next time a User visits the website, this page will be displayed.

You can read provisions for the use of cookies in the document Privacy Policy on the UBK Markets website.


How to Clear the Cache Browser and Delete Cookies

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