Traderank Index

The Traderank statistical index allows assessing how consistent, predictable and sequential an iPA-Manager’s trading activity is. The higher Traderank index is, the more stable and qualitative an iPA-Manager’s trading strategy is.

Traderank is a composite index, which determines the degree to which an iPA-Manager’s trading strategy meets the rules and principles of the iPA trading. Traderank is calculated based on the iPA-Manager’s trading results over the last 4 weeks on all financial instruments for the Original account and for the Processed account separately. In addition, all the values of trading indices are considered: from the total profit to the consistency of trading.

There is a series of the iPA-Manager’s characteristics, which influence the Traderank value positively:

  • Consistency when making decisions.
  • Predictable behavior.
  • Responsibility.
  • Motivation.

The Traderank index is calculated as the average value according to the following algorithm:

  • all trading instruments of the iPA-Manager are selected;
  • the Traderank level is determined for each trading instrument based on the iPA-Manager’s trading activity;
  • all trading instruments are classified according to the type of Original or Processed trading order;
  • the average of all trading instruments with both Original and Processed order types is calculated.

Only two composite values of the Traderank index are calculated for each iPA-Manager regardless of the number of activated trading instruments he/she uses when trading:

  • total Traderank for all Original accounts;
  • total Traderank for all Processed accounts;

Thus, in the Long List of iPA-Managers, the Traderank index is displayed for all accounts of the iPA-Manager as shown in the figure.

The Traderank value for both Original and Processed accounts varies depending on trading results on all currency pairs. This index is updated after closing each trade (in the Original and Processed account, correspondingly).

The composite Traderank index is calculated involving all active iPA-Manager accounts in which at least 15 trades have been executed over the last 28 calendar days. At the same time, only those trading instruments, which show the Traderank index greater than 0, are considered.

If you trade more than one trading instrument, or if the transactions involving at least one of them have not been consistent and successive, it will influence directly the total value of the Traderank index in the Long List of iPA-Managers.

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