iPA-Investor as a Type of Activity

An iPA-Investor’s operating principles significantly differ from the principles of classical investment on the global financial market. In traditional sense, an iPA‑Investor trusts his/her funds to be managed by one or several traders (managers), who have skills and experience in trading on the global financial market. In its turn, transaction execution by means of the iPA system allows an iPA-Investor to manage his/her capital on his/her own and decide which of the transactions can be carried out in his/her account. Free access to copying trading signals from iPA‑Managers’ accounts allows an iPA-Investor to choose how to transmit trading signals to his/her account, type of transmitted operations and many other things.

The concept of the iPA system is based on the idea of minimizing risks while executing trading operations. During the development of the system, our goal was to combine all participants of the financial market into one integrated structure, which will allow everyone to achieve the desired result. Innovative solutions and results obtained while carrying out our research were embodied into the optimal business model consisting of three basic components: iPA-Investors, iPA-Managers and the iPA technology, which is based on the application of intelligent processing algorithms of trading signals generated by providers (iPA‑Managers).

iPA-Managers create trading signals in non-nominal accounts. Depending on the type of accounts, trading signals can be executed without additional processing (Original account) or be processed by special algorithms of the iPA technology, where basic risk management algorithms are the main ones (Processed account). Based on the research, approximately 30% of accounts with low or negative income can be considered as qualitative (profitable) accounts when being processed by special algorithms, and when an iPA-Manager follows the iPA trading principles.

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An iPA-Investor can find detailed information on iPA-Managers’ trading performance in the Long List of iPA‑Managers and select for copying trading signals the accounts of those, whose trading strategy corresponds to his/her financial interests.

In “My Account”, an iPA-Investor can find a set of tools for analyzing and managing the status of his/her Portfolio, which can include one or several iPA-Investor accounts.

iPA-Investor tool for analysis

By choosing an iPA-Investor’s activity, you will receive many advantages.

Firstly, the Long List of iPA‑Managers includes the results of iPA-Managers’ trading activity on different financial instruments in the accounts. If you are interested in a certain currency pair, you can select accounts of different iPA‑Managers, who perform trading activities on this currency pair. You also have an opportunity to diversify your Portfolio by subscribing to copying trading signals of different iPA‑Manager accounts on different currency pairs.

Secondly, when choosing between an iPA-Manager account using original strategy (Original account) and an iPA‑Manager account applying additional processing algorithms of trading signals (Processed account), you should take into account their main differences. Trading signals are transmitted in their original form from the Original account to the iPA-Investor account according to the iPA‑Manager’s trading strategy. Trading signals of the Processed account are instantly analyzed by the system according to different indices (including potential profitability) and, if necessary, modified before their transmission to the iPA-Investor account or blocked.

Long List of iPA‑Managers

Thirdly, you have an opportunity to:

  • stop or resume copying of an iPA-Manager’s trading signals to your account;
  • add additional funds, which will be used in executing trading orders;
  • withdraw funds to your Master account in “My Account” section;
  • exclude the iPA-Manager account from the Portfolio, i.e. close a corresponding account.

Fourthly, you can decide which of the trading orders, Buy or Sell, will be transmitted to your account. You just need to determine the priority direction of the copied signals, and positions will be automatically opened.

iPA-Investor account management

For example, in order to copy trading signals, you have chosen an iPA-Manager account, where transactions in the EUR/USD currency pair are executed.

iPA-Investor account management - 2

There has been a strong uptrend on the EUR/USD quotes chart over the last time. If you wish, you can stop copying Sell trading signals on the EUR financial instrument and copy only Buy trading signals. Thus, the efficiency of an iPA-Investor account is significantly increased.

iPro Marketplace panel

When you decide to copy a particular type of operation, the ability to identify further development of a trend plays an important role. Your decisions can also be based both on fundamental data and indicators as well as graphical figures. iPro Marketplace trading and analytical platform provides you with all necessary tools for analyzing quotes chart, which allows monitoring trends quickly and qualitatively on the global financial market.

Become an iPA-Investor and allow your capital to be as profitable as possible.

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