How to Withdraw Funds from Your iPA-Investor Account

Funds withdrawal from an iPA-Investor account is available on the “My iPA‑Managers” page in “My Account” section.

Before you start to withdraw funds, you should completely stop copying all types of the iPA-Manager’s trading signals (Buy and Sell) and wait until all open positions are closed in the account.

Depending on the day of the trading week, the available withdrawal amount may vary:

  • if funds are withdrawn during the trading week, the withdrawal amount will be specified taking into account the iPA-Manager’s remuneration;
  • if funds are withdrawn at the end of the trading week, all specified amount will be available for withdrawal.

Step 1. Log in
to “My Account”

Log in to “My Account” section. To do this, in the relevant fields enter your Email or phone number and the password specified during registration on the website. Click on the “Log in” button.

Log in to “My Account”

Step 2. Select
an iPA-Investor Account

Go to the “iPA-Managers” section. Select the “My iPA-Managers” page. On this page, you can find detailed information on all open iPA-Investor accounts as well as on your Portfolio in general.

Select an iPA-Investor Account

Next, you should select the account which you would like to withdraw funds from. First, you should completely stop copying trading signals to the iPA-Investor account. To do this, you should click on the “Stop” button or the “Sell” and “Buy” buttons.

As there may be open positions in the iPA-Investor account at the moment when copying of trading signals is stopped, the ability to withdraw funds will be available as soon as the last position is closed automatically. The approximate time left to close a transaction will be displayed next to the value of the “Open positions” parameter.

As soon as all positions are closed in this account, the “Withdraw” button will be activated. In order to withdraw funds to your Master account, you should click on this button.

Step 3. Funds Withdrawal

In the window that opens, you should select one of the methods for withdrawing funds:

  • “Total amount” — withdrawal of all available funds in the account“
  • Funds Withdrawal
  • “Specify the amount” — withdrawal of a certain amount of funds“
  • Funds Withdrawal
Total withdrawal amount
If you select the “Total amount” option, the available
withdrawal amount will be calculated automatically
without the ability to change it.
Partial withdrawal amount
If you select the “Specify the amount” option,
you should enter the withdrawal amount
in the relevant field.
Please note that the amount of funds to be withdrawn should not exceed the current balance in the iPA‑Investor account.

If funds are withdrawn during the trading week, then the withdrawal amount will be recalculated by taking into account the iPA-Manager’s remuneration.

Total withdrawal amount

Partial withdrawal amount

In order to confirm funds withdrawal, you should click on the “Withdraw” button; in order to cancel the action, you should click on the “Cancel” button.

After completing the funds withdrawal, close the window with information on its result by clicking on the “OK” button.

You can view detailed information on the completed operation on the Balance and Reports page in the “Finances” section.
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