How to View Information on the Available Funds in the Master Account

You can view information on transactions with funds in your Master account in “My Account” section, which is available immediately after completing the registration procedure on the UBK Markets official website.

Step 1. Log in
to “My Account”

Log in to “My Account” section. To do this, in the relevant fields enter your Email or phone number and the password specified during registration on the website. Click on the “Log in” button.

Log in to “My Account”

Step 2. View the Master Account Balance

balance and reports

Go to the “Balance and Reports” page in the “Finances” section. The report is presented here in the form of a table that contains information on all transactions executed in your Master account. The current Master account balance is displayed at the top of the table.

Please note that the amount of Master account balance is calculated taking into account the funds reserved for transactions with the status “Processing”.

In order to recalculate the balance amount, you should refresh the page using standard browser features to refresh pages.

Step 3. View the Report on All Transactions

All financial transactions in your Master account are ranged in descending order of relevance in the report, i.e. information on the last transaction is displayed at the top of the list. You can customize the display of the list by specifying the period to generate a report and the type of the displayed transactions.

The report displays the following information:

  • date and time of transaction execution;
  • transaction type of the funds flow in the Master account;
  • amount of funds involved in the transaction (in the base currency);
  • current status of the transaction;
  • transaction source;
  • details of the transaction.
transaction report

A specific list of details is set for each transaction. If the special icon icon order is displayed next to the details, you can view the detailed information on the funds flow by clicking on it.

Depending on the transaction type and source, the list of details may vary.
Select the Period to Generate a Report

Select the Period to Generate a Report

You have an opportunity to select the period for which the transactions in the report will be displayed. In order to do this, you should click on the calendar icon calendar icon in the table header.

In the window that opens, specify the boundaries of the period: select the start date of the period in the left calendar and the end date — in the right calendar.

Click on the “Apply” button, and the transactions executed during the specified period will be displayed in the report.


Sort the Report by the Transaction Type

To generate the report on the transactions of a certain type, you should expand the list of types by clicking on the icon arrow icon at the top of the table and select the transaction type you are interested in:

Set the Number of Entries Displayed on the Page

For easy viewing of the report, you can set the number of entries in the table displayed on one page (10, 20 and 40), and use the “Back” and “Next” navigation buttons to move between pages.

Setting the number of records
Select language