How to Transfer Funds to Your WebMoney Wallet

“My Account” registered on the UBK Markets official website allows you to withdraw funds from the Master account to the WebMoney electronic wallet at any time.

You can withdraw funds from your Master account if you have completed the full registration.

Step 1. Log in
to “My Account”

Log in to “My Account” section. In order to do this, enter your Email or phone number and the password specified during registration on the website in the relevant fields. Click on the “Log in” button.

Log into “My Account”

Step 2. Select the Withdrawal Method

  • Go to the “Finances” section.
  • Select the “Withdrawal” page.
  • Select WebMoney payment system from the proposed list of withdrawal methods by clicking on the appropriate button.
Your funds will be withdrawn to your electronic wallet in WebMoney system, from which the last funds transfer was made to the Master account.

If the “Select” button is not displayed in the block next to WebMoney, this means that you have not used this method for replenishing your Master account, and the system cannot determine the number of the electronic wallet. In order for you to be able to transfer funds by means of this payment system, you should replenish the Master account using the WebMoney electronic wallet.

Select the Withdrawal Method

Step 3. Determine the Withdrawal Amount

Next, you should perform the following actions:
  • Verify the correctness of your electronic wallet number in WebMoney system, to which funds will be transferred;
  • Specify the amount (in USD), which you wish to withdraw from your Master account;
The withdrawal amount should not exceed the Master account balance in “My Account”.
  • Enter your protection code.
Protection code is a temporary password, which you should create and remember. It is intended to ensure security of your payment. When receiving funds to an electronic wallet, you should enter protection code in the relevant field and the transfer will be credited, otherwise, the funds will be redirected to your Master account. Your protection code must contain only digits (0-9). The number of digits can vary from 4 to 24.
Укажите сумму для вывода на WebMoney

In the special block, you can view the total amount to be paid, which is calculated taking into account the commission for the executed operation.

The commission for transferring funds to the WebMoney wallet is 0.80% from the specified amount, but not more than 50.00 USD.
Make sure that all the specified data is correct and click on the “Proceed” button. An SMS message with a confirmation code of your transaction will be sent to your phone number, which is recorded in “My Account” section.

Step 4. Funds Withdrawal

If within 10 minutes, you have not received an SMS message with a confirmation code, click on the “Back” button and retry or send message to the Customer Support, and our specialist will contact you.
Before you enter the code received, check all the required details again:
  • Your electronic wallet number in the WebMoney system, to which the funds will be transferred;
  • The amount of money, which will be debited from your Master Account in “My Account”;
  • The total amount of money, which will be transferred to your WebMoney electronic wallet;
  • The protection code.

If you have found inaccurate data, click on the “Back” button to return to the previous step and correct the inconsistencies.

If everything is correct, enter the confirmation code in the relevant field and click on the “Send Request” button.

Введите код из SMS

Once the withdrawal request is generated, you will see an information message with its processing time.

Please note that in order to ensure security, all requests for funds withdrawal from the Master account are first processed by a UBK Markets manager. If the request is confirmed, the funds are transferred to the specified WebMoney electronic wallet. If the request is rejected, the amount to be debited will be returned to your Master account in “My Account”.

You can view information on your Master account balance and the status of your request on the “Balance and Reports” page in the “Finances“ section.

Информационное сообщение о сроках обработки заявки на вывод на WebMoney
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