How to Register on the Official UBK Markets Website

In order to become a Customer of UBK Markets Company and get access to unique opportunities, you should complete a quick registration on the official Company website.

Step 1

To do this, click on the “Register” button on the official Company website.

Нажмите на кнопку - Зарегистрироваться

Step 2

On the page that opens, fill in the fields of the registration form. Enter your name and a valid email. You should also create a password, which you will use in future to log in to your UBK Markets account, and confirm it in the field below.

The password must contain from 6 to 64 characters.
To create a password, you may use:
  • the Latin alphabet letters (A–Z, a–z);
  • digits (0–9);
  • symbols: ^ [ ] _ + @ # $ % & : ! ? * - “ ’ /
Click on the “Next” button to proceed with the registration.
Заполните поля формы регистрации

Step 3

Now you should enter your sex and country of residence by selecting it from the list.

The field “Country of residence” can be filled in automatically.

Next, enter your valid mobile phone number. After clicking on the “Complete registration” button, an SMS message with a four-digit confirmation code will be automatically sent to your mobile phone number in order to provide additional security to your account.

You can change the previously provided details at any step of the registration.
коррекция данных

Step 4

To complete the registration successfully, you should enter the code received in the appropriate field.

If within 2 minutes you have not received an SMS message with a confirmation code, you can retry to obtain the code by clicking the link “Get code”.

Please note, to change the specified phone number, you should click the link “Edit” next to the phone number. Then, you should enter another phone number and click thesmsto send an SMS confirmation code to this phone number.

In the “Partner’s ID” field, you can enter a special number of the Partner, a participant of iBroker Partnership Program, who has invited you. This field is optional. You can enter the Partner’s ID after completing the quick registration.

The “Partner’s ID” field can be filled in automatically if you have visited the Company website by clicking the link or the informer.

To complete the registration process, select the checkbox confirming that you have read and accepted the documents “Customer Agreement” and “My Account Terms and Conditions” and click on the “Register” button.

Введите код из SMS

Step 5

Now you can log in to “My Account” and enjoy the benefits of a registered user.

Вход в личный кабинет после регистрации
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