How to Manage the iPA-Manager Accounts in “My Account”

After obtaining the iPA-Manager status, you can use “My Account” functionality in order to manage your iPA-Manager accounts. Thus, you have an opportunity to:

  • Get information on your iPA-Manager accounts (Original and Processed).
  • View information on inactive accounts in the table “My iPA-Manager Accounts”.
  • Set parameters for publishing trading performance on a financial instrument of the account in the iPA Managers’ Long List.
  • Generate an account statement on trades with a financial instrument in the account for a certain period.

Get Information on Active iPA-Manager Accounts

Please note, in order to display information on iPA-Manager accounts in “My Account” section, you should execute at least one trade in the iPA-Manager account by means of iPro Marketplace trading and analytical platform.
Go to the “Trading” section
on the “My Accounts” page.

The table “My iPA-Manager Accounts” contains information on all active Original and Processed accounts.

An iPA-Manager account (Original or Processed) is considered active if at least one trading signal has been generated over the last 20 trading days (4 weeks) on a trading instrument specified in the table “My iPA-Manager Accounts”, or if it has been less than 20 trading days since activation of a trading instrument in the account.

For each activated financial instrument in the account, the table displays the following parameters:

  • account number and a checkbox, which enables publication of trading results in the Long List of iPA-Managers using the trading instrument in the account;
  • name of a trading instrument, which is used to create trading signals in the account;
  • date and time when a trading instrument was activated (specified in the “Date Created” column);
  • current value of index “Amount Under Management” that shows the amount of funds allocated by iPA-Investors and involved in executing trades in this account;
  • trading orders — with processing of trading signals by special algorithms (Processed account) or without processing (Original account);
  • number of iPA-Investors subscribed to copying of trading signals;
  • total amount of remuneration received as a result of trading performance using a financial instrument.

In the table header, you can also view the total amount of remuneration as a result of trading performance in all iPA-Manager accounts.

View Information on Inactive iPA-Manager Accounts

In order to view information on inactive accounts, you should click the “Show inactive accounts” hyperlink. The information on financial instruments, which were not involved in active trading in the accounts, will be displayed in the table along with the financial instruments used in trading. If you would like to view the parameters of active accounts in the table, refresh the web page.

The “Show inactive accounts” hyperlink may not be displayed if:

Manage publication parameters in the Long List of iPA-Managers

When a trading instrument is activated in iPA-Manager accounts, the checkbox for a publication in the Long List of iPA-Managers is set automatically with the value “Publish for all” by default.

You can modify parameters for publishing trading results on the financial instrument of the account in the Long List of iPA-Managers by selecting the checkbox in the “Publish an Account” column. This checkbox displays the current settings of publication in the iPA-Managers’ Long List:

  • if the checkbox is selected, one of the publication types is set: “Publish for all” or “Publish optionally”;
  • if the checkbox is not selected, the trading results on the financial instrument of the account are not published in the Long List (moreover, they are not available for the iPA-Manager who trades in this account).

To view and modify the parameters for publishing trading results on the financial instrument, select the checkbox in the “Publish an Account” column.

The pop-up window will display information on the parameters set for publication in the Long List of iPA-Managers.

You can learn more about types of publication and how to modify parameters for publication in the article How to Set the Publication Parameters for the iPA-Manager Account in the Long List

If the iPA-Manager’s details you have provided do not meet the requirements specified in the “Terms and Conditions of iPA-Manager’s Activity”, the checkbox for the iPA-Manager account publication in the Long List will be automatically deselected. In this case, an information window will be displayed specifying the reason and recommendations for further actions.

Generate an Account Statement

In order to get more detailed information on trades with a financial instrument in the account and to make analysis of a trading strategy, you can generate an account statement, which contains tables of statistical and analytical data, profit and balance charts, etc. You can find more information on how to generate an account statement in the article How to Generate an Account Statement for the iPA-Manager account.
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