How to Increase the Trade Quality (Recommendations for an iPA-Manager)

After you have opened an iPA-Manager account, in order to attract iPA-Investors, you can publish results of your trading activity in the Long List of iPA-Managers on the official UBK Markets website.

Long List of iPA-Managers is a ranked list of iPA-Managers’ trading activity on financial instruments in the Original and Processed accounts. By default, information on iPA-Managers is shown in descending order of the ratio between the yield and its stability.

The statistical information displayed in the Long List allows an iPA-Investor to evaluate the efficiency of an iPA-Manager’s trading strategy on each traded financial instrument. One of the parameters of the Long List is Traderank, whose value allows you to evaluate the iPA-Manager’s trading in terms of predictability and consistency. Thus, the higher the Traderank value is, the more stable an iPA-Manager’s trading strategy is.

An iPA-Manager can analyze his/her trading strategy and, if it is necessary, make some adjustments to increase the Traderank value using the “Trade quality” indicator, which is implemented in iPro Marketplace trading and analytical platform and consists of three parameters:

  • “Trade profitability”
  • “Holding time of transactions”
  • “Trade intensity”

You can determine the levels of the “Trade quality” indicator parameters by focusing on the color division. If the value of each of the above-mentioned parameters reaches the green zone, it means that you follow a competent trading strategy that corresponds to the principles of capital management according to the standards of iPA technology. Therefore, this will improve the overall financial result, which will directly influence the amount of your remuneration. Try to approach the value of all three parameters to the green zone and retain it in this zone when trading.

To increase the level of the “Trade quality” indicator parameters, follow the rules established by our specialists.

Recommendations on How to Increase the Trade Quality of iPA-Managers

  • Consistency and predictability of trades. Your trading should be predictable and consistent. It means that you should not make trades randomly. Try to be consistent and systematic when making trading decisions. Random trading will lead to a lower Traderank value and the “Trade intensity” parameter. We do not restrict iPA-Managers in a number of trades; however, within 4 trading weeks (28 calendar days) you should make at least 15 trades. Otherwise, your trading account will be excluded from the iPA-Managers’ Long List until you resume your trading activity.
    The system automatically closes all open orders of iPA-Managers at the end of each trading week, on Friday, at 17:00 UTC. To ensure that our algorithm determines your trading decisions to be consistent, try to close the orders on your own every Friday until 17:00 UTC. If you plan your actions, it will always positively influence the evaluation of a trading strategy by the system, which increases the growth of the Traderank value.
  • Trading with a dynamic calculation of the Stop Loss parameter. With the introduction of the system-defined Stop Loss, the risk management developed previously by an iPA-Manager will require some adjustments. For this purpose, the Company has made three recommendations to simplify the risk management:
  • try to avoid the price fall/rise towards a Stop Loss level set by the iPA system. Otherwise, your Traderank will be lowered.
  • when you close unprofitable positions without reaching a Stop Loss level set by the iPA system, the Traderank index increases, if according to the balance value there is a positive trend in profit.
  • when you close unprofitable positions without reaching a Stop Loss level set by the iPA system, the Traderank index will not change, if according to the balance value there is a negative trend in profit.
It is important that the optimal profit on the trading instrument should constitute 2/3 of the Stop Loss value set by the iPA system. Compliance with this recommendation will positively influence the parameter “Trade profitability”.
  • No trade series. The opening of two trades on one currency pair in one direction leads to the Traderank reduction. Certainly, you can increase the profit by creating the second order before the closure of the first one, which will attract iPA-Investors aimed at getting a high profit. However, the system will consider it as an additional risk.
  • Ratio of profitability to the holding time of trading position in the market. According to this rule, you should earn more pips in less time. You should regulate the lifetime of a trade in the market in order to close it timely with maximum profit. Thus, your Traderank and the level of the parameter “Holding time of transactions” will increase.
  • No duplication of trading strategies of other iPA-Managers. If the iPA system identifies that the signals in your trading account are identic to the signals in the account of another iPA-Manager, it will correspondingly reduce your Traderank index value.

By following the above-mentioned recommendations, you can positively influence the trade quality and the positions you hold in the Long List of iPA-Managers as well as your total profit. After all, the more trading signals are executed in the iPA-Investor accounts, the higher the remuneration is.

You can find more detailed information on the Processed account and processing of trading signals in the materials of the article What Does the Notion “Processed” as Well as Processing of iPA-Managers’ Trading Signals Mean?

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