How to Change the iPA-Manager’s Details

After receiving the iPA-Manager status, you can publish your trading results in the Original and Processed accounts in the Long List of iPA-Managers. Moreover, your photo and nickname, which you can modify in “My Account”, will be displayed next to each publication in the Long List of iPA-Managers.

Step 1. Log in
to “My Account”

Log in to “My Account”. To do this, in the relevant fields enter your Email or phone number and the password specified during registration on the website. Click on the “Log in” button.

Step 1. Log in to “My Account”

Step 2. Select the “iPA-Manager’s Details” Block

In order to change the iPA-Manager’s details, go to the “My Profile” section. To do this, click on the arrow arrow in the Customer menu and select the appropriate section.

Next, go to the “Personal Details” page. Click on the “Change my iPA-Manager’s details” hyperlink in the block, which contains information on the iPA-Manager.

click on the link - Change my data iPA-Manager

Step 3. Change Details

In the window that opens, you can change or complete the following details for the Long List of iPA-Managers:

  • photo;
  • nickname;
  • link to a personal website or thematic web page in social networks.

To upload a new photo, you should:

  • click on the “+” icon or click on the “Upload my photo” hyperlink;
The supported file formats: jpg, jpeg or png.
  • select a photo you want to upload;
  • after uploading the photo, you can give it the desired look using the tools for controlling the scale and orientation of the image.

If necessary, you can modify the value in the “Nickname” field and specify a link to your personal web resource in the “Website” field.

To save changes, click on the “Save” button. If you click on the “Cancel” button, the details will not be changed.

Edit my iPA Manager data - upload my photo
After you click on the “Save” button, the information in “My Account” and in the Long List of iPA-Managers will be updated.
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