How to Become a Successful iBroker Partner

iBroker Partnership Program is designed in such a way that everyone will have an opportunity to make profit using the UBK Markets brand, its resources and potential. By attracting Customers as an equal Partner, you can receive the same stable income as the founders of UBK Markets, but without temporary and financial expenses on business project development.

Having activated the Partnership Program in “My Account” section on the “Tools” page, you will find free tools of online promotion — informers and hyperlinks. Having posted these tools on your public web resource, you will be able to receive passive income from the Customers you attract.

HTML-code of tools, which is used for their post on the web resource, already contains a referral link with your Partner’s ID. Cookie files are also used in the system for recording attracted Customers. These two elements allow matching a Customer exactly to you even after a certain period of time. Thus, if a user follows an informer or a hyperlink posted on your Internet resource but registers on the Company’s website later, he/she shall be anyway matched to your Partner’s ID.

One of the advantages of effective online promotion tools we have developed is their easy and quick adjustment for any localization. You just need to select a domain area from the proposed list, and referral links will be updated automatically.

The Company’s innovative potential allows us to provide high-class service. Therefore, the UBK Markets brand means high-quality services and products based on cutting-edge technologies. Thus, our Customers get lots of benefits, which is one of the main reasons to cooperate actively with the Company. The Customers you have attracted can conduct their activity on three main areas: classic trading, iPA Management and iPA Investment. You can find information on the amount of your remuneration, which is determined by the number of attracted Customers, their activity area as well as their level of trading activity on the “Fees and Commissions” page. The information posted on this page will help you to select the most appropriate vector of business strategy in order to achieve the desired results.

For example, you write a blog, and you would like to receive a stable income by writing articles. In your blog, you can share useful investment resources, and, therefore, people who are interested in this topic will make up your main audience. Having posted the informer “Long List of iPA-Managers” on the website and a message about a new way of investment in addition to it, you will commercialize your blog without any investments and start earning profit of about $2,500-3,000 a month. How? Let us suppose that 400 people have visited your website for a month: 250 of them were interested in the information and followed the informer, 120 registered on the Company’s website, opened an iPA-Investor account and selected one or several iPA-Managers to copy trading signals to their accounts. Based on our experience, the volume of funds in the iPA-Investor account of each Customer constitutes approximately $500, and the average trading activity is 5 lots per month. On the “Fees and Commissions” page, you can find that your remuneration will constitute $5 for each traded lot in the account. As a result: 5 (lots) × 120 (people) × 5 ($/lot) = $3,000 per month – your passive income from the Customers, who followed the informer in your blog and registered on our website. You should take into account that only data on those Customers who conduct their activity on one direction were considered in these calculations. How many directions to cover will only depend on you and your business strategy.

You can use special tools on the “Statistics” page to monitor your activity as an iBroker Partner. We have provided iBroker Partners with everything they need to analyze thoroughly their business strategies — data display in tabular or graphical form, sorting out the indices according to various types, and detailed statistical information. The user-friendly interface will allow you to feel comfortable with many tools to assess the productivity of your business strategy and based on the obtained results to adjust it properly to your online audience.

On the “iBroker Ranking” page, you can analyze the results of your activity as well as the results of other participants of the Partnership Program. This component has been designed for each participant to make an objective assessment of the effectiveness of all iBroker Partners, to learn about principles of the various business strategies and get a clear idea of how to use the potential of the UBK Markets brand in order to achieve the best results.

iBroker Partnership Program provides an opportunity to have passive income, by following elementary steps and spending as much time as you need on this kind of activity. Thus, as in any other case, activity, purposefulness and the ability to plan rationally are ones of the key engines of your income growth. We believe that a well-developed and flexible business strategy, where the needs of online audience are taken into account, will always bring success to its creator and, high profit accordingly.

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