How to Activate an Additional Trading Instrument for the iPA-Manager Account

The trading instrument activation for the iPA-Manager account is done upon fulfillment of the Practice Test conditions for this trading instrument. Thus, you should conduct trading activities in the Classic Live account using the currency pair you would like to activate.

In this regard, while executing trading operations, you should follow the Practice Test rules and conditions, which you can find in the article What Is the Practice Test of the iPA-Manager?

The results of the Practice Test completion and, correspondingly, of the trading instrument activation, are shown in the table “Activation of Trading Instrument for iPA-Manager Account” in the “Trading” section of “My Account”. This table contains the values of all trade indices that are taken into account while calculating the Practice Test progress. After closing each transaction in iPro Marketplace trading and analytical platform, the system automatically updates the values of all trade indices and the current level of progress. Focusing on the color division of the visual indicator and the percentage value, you can monitor and predict your own dynamics of success.

Активация. Шаг 1

When you reach 100%, the “Activate” hyperlink will be displayed instead of the indicator. By clicking the hyperlink, you activate the trading instrument, which was used to complete the Practice Test of the iPA-Manager.

активация, шаг 2
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