General Principles of the iPA System Functioning

UBK Markets Company always strives to provide its Customers with a high-quality service. We believe that only moving beyond stereotypes will allow us to achieve really remarkable results. That is why our products and services are based on quality and innovation. One result of such an approach was the innovative capital management technology based on the application of intelligent processing algorithms of trading signals generated by providers (iPA-Managers). This development allowed creating the iPA system and realizing the idea of minimizing risks and improving profitability while executing trading operations.

The iPA technology

The iPA system consists of three main components:

  • The iPA technology means a set of algorithms using which the provider’s trading signals are analyzed and processed;
  • The iPA-Manager account means a trading account intended for executing trading operations and transmitting trading signals generated by the provider;
  • The iPA-Investor account means a trading account intended for automated execution of trading operations using funds allocated in the iPA-Investor account by copying trading signals generated by the provider.

The operating principle of the iPA technology is based on the application of intelligent processing algorithms of trading signals generated by the provider (Intelligent Processing Algorithms). An iPA-Manager is the provider of trading signals. An iPA-Manager creates trading signals, which are transmitted to the iPA-Investor account, in the iPA-Manager account. An iPA-Investor is the subscriber of the iPA-Manager account, where he/she allocates his/her own funds in order to use them while performing trading operations, which are executed due to copying of the iPA-Manager’s trading signals to the iPA-Investor account.

The algorithms of risk management, which estimate trading signals for possible risks, are the basic ones of the iPA technology. Applying algorithm configurations, the iPA system analyzes trading signals on the basis of many factors, including potential profitability, and makes a decision on the generation of a trading order based on the original trading signal, modification of a trading signal before the generation of a trading order or blocking the transmission of a trading order to the iPA-Investor account. This increases the level of profitability when executing created trading orders in the iPA-Investor account.

The system is designed and operates in such a way that providers do not feel any interference in their work and subscribers can control the transmission of trading orders to their own accounts.

The Long List of iPA-Managers, which is a ranked list of iPA-Managers’ trading performance on the financial instruments in the iPA-Manager account, is published to organize the interaction between providers and subscribers on the UBK Markets official website. In the Long List of iPA-Managers, an iPA-Investor can choose those iPA-Managers whose trading strategy corresponds to his/her financial interests. In addition, an iPA-Investor has an opportunity to manage created accounts by using “My Account” functionality, and an iPA-Manager gets opportunities to demonstrate his/her skills on the financial market without the need to allocate his/her own funds to the account. Thus, each participant of the iPA system receives necessary tools to multiply his/her capital.

We have managed to improve a classical model of capital management and investment by combining scientific developments with developments in the financial field, thereby creating a new type of trading activity — the iPA trading.

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